Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 1.0

Recently I read Mike Laverick’s book titled: “Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 1.0” and I must admit I was impressed by how it is written. In between the lines, I can clearly see the humor of Mike, which of course is not as much in a serious book as this one, but it is enough to remember who is the author.

A very big plus is the number of screenshots and diagrams. Almost every task described in the book is very well documented and leaves nothing to be desired. I hate it when in other books, the author tells you to configure something but his info isn’t complete and then you’re stuck. Well, that won’t happen in Mike’s book. Everything is laid out in great detail. Another thing I liked very much was that Mike has also thought about the poor consultant / admin that hasn’t got Site Recovery Manager (SRM) to play with at work. He shows you how to use Lefthands VSA to build your own virtual SANs to test SRM, very nice for home testing.

The book covers everything from design, licensing, install to test and failover and most important, but often forgotten: failback. For the last chapter in the book, Mike thought of what to do when in case of disaster, an even bigger disaster happens which would be SRM failing. As strange as it sounds, this is something you should pay attention to. Using Powershell Scripts, Mike shows how to recover your Virtual Infrastructure through very labor intensive tasks without using SRM.

This is a very well thought of and well written book and after reading it, I definitely going to buy Mike’s new book on VMware vSphere 4 which he is working on right now.

Title: Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 1.0
Author: Mike Laverick
Sample chapters and buy the book links:
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