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Today we celebrate the Dutch VMUG’s 5th anniversary. Started as a small user group with 55 members, it has now grown to 600 visitors !!!

Steve Herrod CTO of VMware speaks to the audience through a video message.

Next on stage Richard Garsthagen.

Richard shows what VMware has been doing past 11 years. VMware now has a team of more than 4000 programmers!!!

VMware can host more Exchange mailboxes than any physical host can.

Current areas where VMware focusses on:

  • – Consolidation, Management and Business Continuity are still the main solution areas for VMware in the DataCenter.
  • – On the Desktop filed their focus is on Desktop as a Service.
  • – Cloud Services enabling the bridge to the external cloud.
  • – App Dev & Test to optimize application development to deployment

VMware is testing to see if they can use Fault Tolerance, to also capture OS crashes and move back two steps to just before the crash. No promisses however if this will ever be a product.

Power Savings of VMware’s customer base:

  • 25% saved over 75%
  • 25% saved over 50%
  • 33% saved over 33%

Richard talks about very smart storage / hypervisor communication. Copying VMs at storage level not through hypervisor, but only at storage level.

Preparing for the TechTonic shift. Moving from Mainframe, Client/Server model to Web model and now moving further to the “Cloud” model.

Quote from Paul Maritz: “Cloud is not a destination, but a way of doing computing”

Richard talking about CapacityIQ, your capacity analysis tool for your virtual infrastructure and of course AppSpeed to monitor the performance of your applications.

Platform as a Service, Spring Source as a framework for next generation applications that will be virtualization aware. Application will adopt better to dynamic resource allocations.

VMware ConfigControl. Reduce risk & improve management efficiency of configuring your virtual infrastructure.


End of keynote session by Richard Garsthagen.

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