Google Wave – Working together

Today I received my invite to join the Google Wave preview. No, I don’t have any invites to give away since I’ve been invited by someone else my self. After playing with it for a few minutes I was a bit disappointed because when you’re on your own a wave is not much fun :-) Then I got connected to a wave from a friend and he was again connected to another friend and soon the number people in that wave was growing and growing. I do admit that soon almost everyone started chatting and it became hard to follow, but then, like a natural process, people started suggesting rules or etiquettes to be used in Waves. Soon a new Wave was created in which only these etiquettes were published and another Wave to discuss these etiquettes.

This immediately showed me how Google Wave can work and helps to build new ideas. With this post I wanted to open the opportunity to add me as contact if you want to try to form waves and maybe build some nice content on virtualization. Add me as: thegabeman  (and of course add behind the name).

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