Keynotes speach VMworld Europe 2009

There we are, sitting at the balcony looking like Waldorff and Statler from the Muppets. Viktor vd Berg and Brenda sitting next to me and we are looking down on the whole auditorium. Let’s hope the speech is as good as the music.

Opening is done by Maurizio Carli the President of VMware EMEA.
In 2008 there were 4500 visitors attending, but this year, even though economic difficulties, we have 4700 visitors. This shows how important virtualization is to the business.

Paul Maritz (President & Chief Executive Officer) comes on stage.

Virtualization is addressing the problem that most of the IT budget (70%) is spent on just keeping the lights on. Only 30% goes to innovation and competitive advantage. VMware is trying to make IT as a service. The three VMware initiatives are VDC-OS (foundation for the cloud), vCloud (Choice & Cloud federation), vClient (Desktop as a service)

Datacenter / cloud architecture view: (Virtualization is the key to making all of this happen in an evolutionary way)
existing apps / new apps -> Existing and multiple future app models
management -> SLA Management Model
Policies -> Security, compliance
Software -> scale & Availability through software
Hardware -> Industry standard building blocks

If you want to read what Paul is going to talk about, see this link: Which is my article on yesterday’s keysnote and is identical to todays keynote.

Kurt Glazemakers from Terremark on stage a VMware Cloud Partner. He is talking about the Enterprise cloud that is now offered by Terremark. He is going to demo the “InifiniCenter” Enterprise cloud software. Deploying a Webserver with just a few clicks. Interesting demo to see Clouds really working :-)

Next on stage, Joe Arnold from Engine Yard. He will demo how to deploy a Web2 Ruby on Rails application on vCloud. He is using Terramark as his vCloud provider. What he is demoing is that you can run your own portal website in your internal datacenter, but it can just aswell be running in an external cloud. Through a simple website you move your application from internal to external.

Paul talking about Logica leveraging VMware Lab Manager as a service.

Now we’re switching to desktops.

(It was not smart to plugin my flip video USB recorder into my laptop, only 20min juice left)

Paul talking about BYOPC (Bring Your Own PC). Companies will just tell their users to bring in any pc and they will be supplied with a desktop on it. Hardware independ ofcourse.

Gregory Bryant (Intel Vice President, business client group) on stage. Talking about CVP (Client Virtualization Platform) in combination with Intel and their vPro technology. VMware View family client hypervisor.

vPro = pro-active security, Built-in Manageability, Energy efficient performance.

(Only 10min battery left…. make them talk fast !!! ) :

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  1. There was also an interesting enterprise cloud demo from IT Structures. It showed multiple server enterprise environment running in the cloud for a year now.
    Does seem more impressive than amazon simple apps.

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