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You probably wonder what has gotten in to me, iPad postings have nothing to do with virtualization. Yes you’re right, but lately I see so many tweets of people in the virtualization community asking for “must have” apps for their iPad, I decided to write this little post about my “must have” apps. Here we go:

GoodReader: It can open documents from Google Docs, Dropbox, e-mail, MobileMe disk, iDisk, Box.Net, and more. I use it to download the docs I need for meetings with customers or in-house meetings. I really love this app. Big missing features is the ability to make notes on top of the document your reading.

Twittelator Pro for iPad: My favorite twitter app. Great layout, lots of features.

Read It Later for iPad: Really great app. I normally read my tweets in twittelator and anything interesting I send to Read It Later with just one move. Then later when I have more time, I start Read It Later and take my time to read.

Feeddler RSS: To read all those interesting RSS feeds. The pro version allows you to sync for offline reading.

Reeder: Also for RSS feeds. Just a little bit different. I’m not sure yet which one I like best, feeddler or reeder.

ToDo: A nice ToDo app which syncs with

Wyse Pocket Cloud: to make a VMware View session, see my other blogpost: Using VMware View on my iPad with Wyse PocketCloud

RDP: Remote Desktop Session to a server

Citrix: Well, surprise surprise, to make a Citrix session to your XenApp environment

IMDb: The world wide move database, just for fun and because it looks so great.

PhotoPad: For some quick photo editing

Eurosport: Great app to keep you up to date on what happened in the sports world.

USA today, BBC News, AP News all three nice apps to give you the latest on world news.

iBooks: this app is already included on your iPad, but don’t let it limit you to only books from the iTunes stores. May I present to you:  Calibre. With this handy Windows / OSX app, you can convert almost anything to ePUB format which can be read by iBooks. After conversion just drop the epub into iTunes and you can sync it.

Feel free to add your favorite app in the comments section, do include a little description of what the app does.

5 thoughts on “Must have apps for the iPad

  1. Hello,

    I add to my list iSSH, IM+ Lite (if you use IM clients), AroundMe, DropBox, WebEx, and GotoMeeting.

  2. I would add Evernote, great for taken notes in meetings you can also store documents in the notes (PDF's, excel, word..etc) and view them within Evernote. The app syncs to the web. All notes are available on other devices and via the web. There is a free subscription and paid. Evernote does a lot more then what I am posting here so be sure to checkout the web site.

  3. Great list, will be looking into many of those, thanks!
    I have to say I'd include Plants VS Zombies in a list of my favourite apps released so far!

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