Setting logfile location, swap file, SNMP and vmkcore partition in ESXi

With the release of VMware vSphere 4.1 it has become even more apparent that the next vSphere release will only have an ESXi version. This isn’t world shocking news since VMware had announce this already at VMworld 2009, but somehow many have been triggered to finally make the switch and install ESXi on their ESX hosts. In this post I will show you how to change the location for the logfiles, set a different swap space location, activate SNMP and change the vmkcore partition. [Read more…]

Change blocksize of local VMFS

During install vSphere now creates a VMFS partition by default on the local storage on which the service console partitions will be installed. When you want to use this partition to store your VMs on (non-VMotionable) there is no problem, just point to this datastore and use it. In my homelab the ESX hosts have very cheap but big local disks. With only 8GB or 10GB occupied by ESX, I had around 600GB left on that local disk. I wanted to use it to store some large VMDKS on it, but couldn’t because of the 1MB blocksize which doesn’t allow me to make disks bigger then 256GB. Since the COS is running on the VMFS you can’t just reformat it. [Read more…]