vCalendar Launch by Jason Boche

Copied from Jason Boche’s blog: “vCalendar is little something I (Jason Boche)  have been working on in my spare time during the spring and summer months of 2009.  I’ve had “Far Side” and “Dilbert” Page-A-Day calendars on my desktop at work for the past 15 years and towards the end of 2008 I thought a virtualization calendar would be nice to have, however, I could find none in existence. So I decided to make my own – and make it available to the virtualization community. vCalendar is a collection of VMware virtualization facts, tips, best practices, configuration maximums, and historical events delivered to your desktop daily. vCalendar was authored by virtualization virtuoso and Senior Systems Engineer Jason Boche.”

Read more about how to get it at Jason’s blog:

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