VMware blog competition – Vote for your favorite blogs

It’s that time of year again where Eric Siebert opens his “Top 25 VMware virtualization blogs” voting. Through his website you can select your best 10 blogs on virtualization and I hope you consider my blog as one of those 10. Read the contest rules at: http://vsphere-land.com/news/voting-now-open-for-the-top-25-vmware-virtualization-blogs.html

In short:

  • Pick your top 10 and rank them from 1 to 10
  • Voting wil run from September 14th to September 24th.
  • Two random votes can win a copy of Eric Siebert’s book: “Maximum vSphere” or a copy of the Train Signal vSphere Pro Series vol 2 video training course
  • Duplicate voting is protected. Geolocation, IP addresses & cookies are used to protect against duplicate votes. Because of this voters in corporate environments or using shared IP addresses may not be able to cast votes. Use computers with unique IP addresses instead.
  • On the vLaunchpad lading page you can find links to all blogs
  • The survey can NOT be done from iPhone or iPad because of the drag & drop interface used to rank the blogs

Now head on over to http://vote.vsphere-land.com/ and cast your vote !!!!