VMworld Partner day – Super Session -live report

Welcome to this live report of the VMworld Partner Day in Copenhagen. Very excited to be here and also a bit sceptic on how much real news will be presented this VMworld after hearing all the news from VMworld San Francisco.

First on stage: senior VP EMEA Maurizio Carli

Total more than 6000 visitors this week at VMworld.
1500 partners attending today
First half of 2010 VMware has grown 41%
partners deliver 95% of this growth

We finally have Paul Maritz applauding for us partners ;-) thanks Paul !!

Now on stage Paul Maritz President & CEO VMware.
Paul feels a big change coming in IT, we just can’t go one with business as usual in these days. We’re entering the cloud aera.

We’re working hard to release a major release every year and producing very stable code. vSphere 4.1 was the first release that came out right on schedule. We are already code complete with the next version which will soon be in beta and working on the next release after that.

Next on stage Carl Eschenbach. Executive VP, Global Field Operations
The theme of this year is virtual roads, actual clouds. This year is the first year people are actively looking at cloud computing. Virtualization paves the way to cloud computing. That is what we have done for customers, we have virtualized their data centers and paved the way for cloud computing.

Industry changes are talking place every 10-15 years. These changes transform your business and VMware will give you the tools to leverage these changes.

Carl is now talking about the number of new products released this year, view 4.5, sphere 4.1, vCloud Director, ThinApp, etc.

Statistics business revenues: Q1 $634M 35% Yr/Yr growth
Q2 $674M 48% Yr/Yr growth

128% growth in number of VCP’s.

Number of sales slides on how much partners can benefit from accreditation, how to sell vSphere.
VMware stands alone in the Gartner magic quadrant: “VMware is the clear market leader”. Microsoft and Citrix are the two closest competitors but on a respectable distance.

Next on stage Andy Hunt, VP of emea partner organization, VMware.
Andy shows we’ve reached the tipping point, there are now more virtual machines than physical servers.

Customers are moving from fase1 to fase2′ where virtualization is moving from cost efficiency to quality of services. Getting better performance and reliability through virtualization compared to physical apps. Now we’re taking the next step to fase3. Moving to IT as a service. Optimizing business consumption of IT. Virtualization works for existing apps, new enterprise apps and SaaS apps.

The new stack for IT as a service:
Cloud infrastructure management ( vSphere, vCenter, vCloud Director, vShield)
Cloud application platform (spring, vFabric, Hyperic)
End-user computing (View, Thinapp, Zimbra)

We now have Carl back on stage.

(wifi dying, wordpress app doesn’t like that and lost quite some text)

2010 VMware view 4.5
Industry first
– integrated online and offline solution
industry best,
expanded user and use cage coverage.
– Win7 migration, byopc concept, health care “follow me desktop”

Journey to end-user computing
– modernize the desktop

End-user computing – end state
Project horizon will manage your user infrastructure. More will be announced this conference.

Tridata to secure your enterprise access to the cloud (user oriented), directory federation. License tracking, access management.

This is the optimal time to migrate to win7 and pull all assets of your desktops into your datacenter, into the virtual desktop.

Desktop partner competency spotlight.
Tony Burrisson from ACR. UK Manchester area. 15 employees, VMware YoY growth £5M 2010.
Their seeing more and more growth for VDI desktop market. Desktop sale is a different strategy. Make sure your pilot is absolutely error free and deliver it as a whole to the decision makers of the customers. We helped migrate a customer move from xp to Win7 in two days, with 500 users.

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