First vSphere Plugin for WordPress! by Nicholas Weaver

On my blog, on the right hand, the last widget on the page is called “Home Lab” and shows the current state of my ESX lab at home. This WordPress plugin is written by Nicholas Weaver. Its a great little tool.

Copied from his site:

What if there was a WordPress plugin that would display stats from my vSphere home lab or work? Wouldn’t that rock??

Turns out there isn’t one. Or at least there wasn’t one till till now. After a weekend of coding I am happy to present the first WordPress Plugin for VMware vSphere: WP-vSphereStats. If you are super observant you may have noticed the plugin is actually running in the sidebar on the left. Basically the way it works is pretty simple. The WP-vSphereStats plugin comes in two pieces. One is the WordPress Plugin itself. It is tested and compatible with WordPress 2.9 and above. It uses the new widget changes in 2.8 and is dependent on some helper changes in 2.9. The second piece is a Windows command line tool used to pull stats from your vSphere Environment and posts them to a web service enabled by the WP plugin.

More details on his website:

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