The Doctor is: IN

Many of us in IT read a lot of whitepapers, blogposts, how-to articles and view numerous Podcasts or training video’s to learn all the details about new products or features. Still, I don’t always get some of the details or can’t find the info I need. Meeting people at VMUGs or VMworld gives me the changes to ask for those last missing piece of information. But what if you don’t have that chance?

The Doctor is IN

The Doctor is IN

When I blog about stuff I’m sometimes surprised about the comments I get and about how more people than I thought were struggling with the same questions. In responds to the comments I have been able to help quite a number of readers of my blog by e-mail and lately I did a few Google Plus Hangout sessions to help in an even better way. And that is when I came up with the following idea: Why not do a video-chat help session?

I’m still thinking about what would be the best way to do this and I may change everything from session to session but this is what I came up with until now:

  • Send me an e-mail ( Gabrie AT GabesVirtualWorld dot com) in which you write about a specific subject you would like to know more about or maybe an issue you have with a design or installation.
  • I’ll then plan a meeting with you for a Google Hangout session. This might be an one-to-one session or maybe we’ll have a session with more people and collect a number of questions.
  • The session will be live broadcasted and published on YouTube afterwards.

Some examples on what I think a session could be about:

  • Think together with you on design questions
  • Explain a specific vSphere or vCloud concept to you
  • Help you study for VCP / VCAP DCA or DCD.

What will this NOT be?

  • A complete training on vSphere or vCloud or other subject. If you need good training contact Eric Sloof or David Davis at TrainSignal.
  • A support desk you can call when your server is down or a plane landed on your datacenter. Call VMware Support.

And as a disclaimer: I don’t know everything and I don’t have all the answers, but I do want to make the effort to help you and do some research myself when needed to be able to help you.

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  1. Great initiative. I look forward to the results. PS: I tried calling VMware that a plane landed on our datacenter, but they didn’t have a phone option menu for it (yet).

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