Your P.I.

Slamming car doors. Echoing footsteps. The silhouette of a running man, lit by lampposts in a dark and rainy street. Who is this? This man with the really cool hat and good eye for feminine beauty?

Later that night he sits at his desk, drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes, although he’d rather have a coke and the cigs make him cough like a seal with a nasty cold.

It’s Gabe, and he’s your P.I. on Virtualization. He’s so cool he’s freezing but he keeps on going. Wide awake in the middle of the night, hunting down new cases, always ready to keep you informed about what’s going on.

You need him. Badly.

… Brought to you by Brenda …



(Contact Gabrie at: thegabeman at gmail dot com)



  • Bob Slovick

    Your article titled “Storage VMotion = Russian Roulette” was removed from the original web site and the author apologized, as they found out they were using unsupported/unqualified storage.

  • Hi Gabe,

    You’ve got an interesting site. I found it through Ann Fokken’s post on her site in the Neteherlands.

    I am planning to place your site on my blogroll at and would like to have the privilege to be able to comment on relevant posts.


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  • Maarten van de Waarsenburg

    In a virtual machine, running on top of ESXi 4.0, I have changed the second SCSI controller to Virtual, to be able to share it between VM's. Next, I try to use this SCSI controller in another virtual machine but I don't see it. Following an article, I've zeroed the attached disk but I cannot see the effect.

    Both machines are RHEL5 64-bit. Any idea?

  • Wayne

    Stumbled across your site this evening and i love it :-)
    Il be back for sure!