Little tip for UDA 2.0 beta users

When playing with the new UDA 2.0 beta, I was missing a very important feature: After the PXE boot menu is displayed, you can’t end or skip the menu and continue booting from local harddisk. I e-mailed with Mike Laverick, who got my into contact with Carl Thijssen, the developer of the UDA 2.0. Carl tipped me to edit the following file: /var/public/cgi-bin/ on the appliance. The result wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but after some editing I came to this change.

1- Edit /var/public/cgi-bin/

2- Search for the subroutine WriteDefaultFile.

3- Behind the following part:

print DEFAULT “default menu.c32\n”;
print DEFAULT “prompt 0\n”;
print DEFAULT “menu title Ultimate Deployment Appliance\n”;
print DEFAULT “menu INCLUDE pxelinux.cfg/graphics.conf\n”;
print DEFAULT “label localboot\n”;
print DEFAULT “MENU LABEL Boot from first local harddrive\n”;
print DEFAULT “localboot 0\n”;
print DEFAULT “timeout 120\n”;
4- Save the file
5- Go to the webinterface of the UDA and re-save any template
Now when you boot a server over PXE, you will be prompted with a menu which now also includes a countdown timer. After the countdown is finished, normal boot will proceed.