Microsoft to Buy Citrix – Announcement Coming Friday or Monday???

Just last night, Arne from ICT Freak blog , talked to me on MSN about an article he just read. Microsoft was to buy Citrix and it will be announced within a few days.

After reading this article: by Douglas Brown, a close friend of mine talked to me on MSN, confirming the sudden stop of hiring people. He was about to sign a contract with Citrix, had the papers in the mail, when he got a call that things had changed and the deal was off  because there where a lot of changes all of a sudden. This was around june.

Today he had just been talking on MSN with that same Citrix manager that had to blow off the deal and he asked him about the article from Douglas Brown and if this was the reason his deal had blown. All he got was a “no comment”.

Well… nothing is sure in IT. Probably all rumours, but…. the following week is going to be very interesting.