News from VMware's Partner Exchange Keynote

Twitter is a great tool if you’re not in Vegas and still want to know what happened at VMware’s Partner Exchange. All the info posted below is info I picked up from twitter, so be aware that not everything is double checked !!! Please do use the comments section to correct or add info :-)

Memory management has always been a clear advantage for VMware in relation to other hypervisors, with Transparent Page Sharing the savings are huge. VMware has now announced another great feature: “Memory Compression” !!! Working towards those “640KB is enough for everybody”. Wonder how long it takes before competitors have their whitepapers ready explaining why you should never use memory compression.

IO-Resource Management. We know DRS monitors memory and cpu usage. Now with the new IO-RM it can also  move workloads when disk IO becomes a problem.

VMotion has been pumped up, not only faster VMotion but also up to eight concurrent VMotions.

Redwood demo shows a server-centric counterpart of the open source client-focused VCL from NCState.  The demo show the Redwood Cloud UI and framework. Very interesting and looks simpel and straight forward.

New VMware View admin now in Adobe Flex, supports offline sessions, personalisation and thinapp admin control (composite desktops). Manage apps without taking desktops offline. VMware View can force an OS clean at boot by restoring refreshing base OS image. Integration with Security Server has been improved and will scale better. We see support for smartcards and Tera2 hardware integration.

View will now fully support Windows 7 and will come with an Adobe Flex based UI. Your desktop with your icons and prefs, but still central control.

Some tweet-quotes on Zimba which clearly show that Zimba is something to keep an eye on:

  • “Zimbra+Spring+Vmware is gunning right fir M$..”
  • “Now talking Zimbra at @herrod’s keynote. Is VMware trying to compete with AD? Need to redefine the market, not maintain status quo…”
  • “Wow – Zimbra+Spring+Vmware is gunning right fir M$… #vmwarepex <– This is becoming a very compelling platform to develop for.”

Soon more and more detailed info will be available on various blogs, but by just reading these tweets, I wish I would have been there.

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