Upgrading VMware vCenter Heartbeat 6.3 update 1 to 6.4

When preparing your Virtual Infrastructure environment for vSphere 5 and vCenter 5 you also need to think of all the vCenter applications that are dependent on vCenter. One of  them is vCenter Heartbeat. To be able to run vCenter Heartbeat on vCenter 5 you will need to upgrade vCenter Heartbeat to version 6.4. Normally upgrading vCenter Heartbeat isn’t a big deal but there has been a change from 6.3 Update 1 to 6.4. Where you could normally use a configuration of “identical nodes”, you will now have to switch to “non-identical nodes” according to KB 1014435.

From the KB article: “Important: When performing an upgrade to vCenter Server Heartbeat 6.4 from 6.3 Update 1 with Identical nodes or from any previous version, you must first migrate from Identical nodes to Non-Identical nodes before performing the upgrade.”

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VMware vSphere Web Client: Don’t you forget about me!

Many installed vSphere 5 soon after the official release, starting with vCenter 5 and then reinstalled their ESXi hosts. Of course you need the VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client as well to set up your environment, which you install on your Windows desktop or inside a Windows VM. Once you have your configuration up and running and want to perform some basic tasks, it sometimes would be great if there was a light weight client that doesn’t run on just Windows systems. You guessed it, the vSphere Web Client. The vSphere Web Client is a great way to manage your VMs and perform VM related tasks from the popular browsers ( Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Mozilla FireFox 3.6).

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