Elevator pitch: What is virtualization?

Don’t we all know the situation when you’re at a party and some beautiful woman asks you: “What do you do for a living?”. After telling them that you are a specialist in the field of virtualization and mostly work with VMware products, virtual switches, VMs, VMotions, etc, you get that glazing stare and they’ll soon hop on to your neighbor who is a jet fighter pilot. Its clear, we need to get an elevator pitch.

Pitch1: for the lady with the self knitted woolen sweater with the “Save the Whale” symbol on it: “I work in IT and am a specialist in virtualization which helps save the environment by combining a lot of computers into one”.

Pitch2: for the lady that arrived in the Mercedes Cabrio: “I work in IT as a specialist in virtualization which makes enterprises save a lot of money on hardware investements, power usage, cooling costs and therefore have a positive effect on their profits”.

Pitch3: for the mother with teenage kids: “I work in IT as a specialist in virtualization. With virtualization you could give your kids their own private PC inside your home PC, so they don’t mess up your pc with backgrounds, etc”

Pitch4: for the mom of 4: “My job is totally unimportant and stressfree compared to yours. I only work with virtual things”

Pitch5: for the very sexy lady: “My job is to get better uptimes in IT.”

Pitch6: for the magical lady: “What you do with rabbits, I do with old servers, I make them disappear”

Pitch7: for the lady with the extra pair of shoes in her bag: “Like you, I prepare  for disasters, not by wardrobe backup but in IT, by using virtualization techniques”

Pitch8: for the girl with 1001 online friends on facebook: “I prevent you from getting lonely by making sure Facebook has enough resources to run on”

Pitch9: for the lovely petite Parisienne: “Hi, I do the same work Alan Renouf does”

Pitch10: for the good looking top model: “Hi, I’m Duncan Epping”.

But seriously, what do you tell peope? Let me know in the comments…..