[RUMOR] VMware to buy Novell?

This week I’ve had some questions from people on how this “Strategic Partnership” between Novell and VMware, could be the first step to VMware buying Novell or a number of products from Novell. This got me thinking on if that could really be an interesting move for VMware.

Let’s see what Novell has, that could be of use to VMware, think cloud computing, because that is all what VMware is talking about since vSphere was released. A very interesting product Novell has is the “Identity and Security” suite of products consisting of Compliance Management, Identity and Access Management and Security Management. With an ever growing cloud environment, this becomes a very important part of proper cloud management. Add some E-Directory to the whole story and you have an authentication technology for your cloud environment that has already proven itself in very large deployments.

Now how to move applications into the cloud? VMware already has VMware Converter which is quite a good product, but the feature rich PlateSpin products surely would be a great addition. What about adding some ZenWorks features to ThinApp?

As the title of this posting says, it’s a rumor, I can’t confirm anything but it looks there is something going on.