Veeam first to offer real vCloud Backup?

I don’t often publish news bulletins and especially not about products that haven’t been released yet, but today I made an exception. In my mailbox I found Veeam’s announcement of Veeam Backup & Replication v7. The announcement is about the ability to back-up vCloud Director VMs including the vApp, metadata and attributes.

This is great news and something I’ve been wanting since my first vCloud Director project. When designing a vCloud Director environment for my customer I was surprised that there was no way to backup the intelligence of the vCloud which is the vApp including all the NAT & Firewall rules and networking that have been created. The only way for backups of vCloud VMs was to just backup VMs through vCenter and if you needed to restore them, you would just restore the VM in a different location and then bring it into the vCloud through an import.

Veeam also announced the possibility to restore your vApps and VMs. Because Veeam also makes a backup of the metadata the integration is much further than just a simple backup of a group of VMs. Nice !!!

So MY assumption is that it will now be able to restore vApps including NAT & Firewall rules, networking and maybe even restore into a different vCloud. Unfortunately I can’t get any confirmation on this, but knowing Veeam in the past years, I don’t think they will deliver only half a solution.

Of course…. the product hasn’t been released yet, but I do keep my fingers crossed!!! Follow this link to see all new features published in the next few months:

Below the content of the e-mail:

Veeam is extending its support for VMware vCloud Director (vCD).

NEW integration with vCD will extend Veeam support for vCD, which currently includes the ability to backup and restore virtual machines (VMs) managed by vCD. Using the vCD API, Veeam Backup & Replication v7 will also:

  • Display the vCD infrastructure directly in Veeam Backup & Replication
  •  Backup all vApp metadata and attributes
  • Restore vApps and VMs directly to vCD
  • Support restore of fast-provisioned VMs—and more!

Sound exciting? Learn more about upcoming updates here!

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  1. At one of the briefings last year at VMworld HP was showing off their newest version of Data Protector that also backed up all the vcloud “extras” too, so veeam isnt the first one :) but i am looking forward to v7 as well … too bad they dont plan to release it in their beta community.

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