Wishlist: KB article with Log Insight queries

With VMware Log Insight you can create great queries. For some environments we have known bugs and since we can’t always update as fast as we would like, I’ve built some simple queries to alert me whenever the bug is more likely to kick in. 

For example, I have a query that warns me by e-mail when the logs show “netGPHeap already at its maximum size” because this is a symptom of a known bug. 

Often when searching through KB.vmware.com for a problem I’m experiencing, I see a list of symptoms mentioned by a KB. Wouldn’t it be great if you could also see a Log Insight query in that KB? That would make it much easier to spot the error and also make sure that the what you are seeing indeed matches the KB.

If you agree with me, please send this tweet to @VMwareCares:

“Please @VMwareCares, consider adding Log Insight queries to KB articles”