Free vScope Explorer from VKernel

Today I visited the VKernel stand where I met Bryan Semple. He had some great news. Next week VKernel will release a new free tool called the VKernel vScope Explorer which will be great for every vSphere admin. It will give you the ability to show any problems in your environment for up to 8000 VMs. Although this free version is ment to be an overview and will not show you everything in deep technical details, it does give you very good info on the problems a VM is having. VKernel vScopre Explorer is built on the same engine of the full product and will give you similar results, it is almost a light version of the new VMware vCOMS only from VKernel instead of VMware.

Check their website for the official release.

vkernel vscope explorer

Zerto Replication and Disaster Recovery the easy way

Zerto (Zero RTO) is a startup company that I first heard about when they were presenting at the Techfield Day in Boston. All information was under embargo, which didn’t allow us delegates to publish about Zerto until June 22nd and so I had to wait with this post until now. The presentation done by Chen Burshan – Director Product Management and Gil Levonai – VP Products got me really excited about the product and I started playing with the beta. Below is an explanation of what Zerto does and some of my own experiences with it.

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Thoughts on VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform

At Techfield day, VMware presented to us delegates their Mobile Virtualization Platform (MVP) and as expected all these geeks where very interested to see what VMware had to offer. Unfortunately the overall feeling was that the product as demonstrated to us was a bit disappointing. Of course it is still no released product, but even then there are some points to worry about, but first let’s have a look at what VMware MVP really is. [Read more…]

[Gestalt] vBlock, great product, just not for you

On Friday the Field Tech Day delegates of the Gestalt IT event paid a visit to Cisco where they were treated on a very good session on the VCE Vblock. This session was brought to us by “the other” Scott Lowe and Ed Saipetch. Apart from doing a very good presentation they also showed they could fight like lions against the comments of the delegates, resulting in the best session of this Tech Field Day – Boston 2010. Although Vblock is a great piece of machinery the feeling amongst the delegates was almost unanimous about Vblock being very hard to sell and offer little extra value over a self-built configuration using the same components. Writing this blog post took me quite some time reading several guides to better understand the Vblock and during this investigation I changed my mind on whether Vblock is a good or bad idea several times. I hope the following helps you make up your mind.

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[Gestalt] On my way to Gestalt IT event

As you may have seen on the Gestalt IT website, I have been invited to join this great event and today I’m on my way to Boston. I’m looking forward to meeting all the delegates some I’ve know for some time, others I will be meeting for the first time this week. The program that Stephen Foskett has setup for us is intense, we’ll be hearing a lot of new things and discussing with the bright minds that came up with these great products. We will be paying a visit to Cisco, EMC, Data Robotics, Hewlett-Packard and last but not least vkernel. Should you have any questions about their products or their vision you want me to ask, feel free to post them in the comment section.

On my blog and on twitter I will try to cover the event and talk about all the interesting things that are going to be told. On twitter the hashtag will be #TechFieldDate and on my blog I will mark the post title with [Gestalt].

Disclaimer: My trip, hotel and food during this event is paid for by the sponsors of the event. However, I’m not obliged to blog about it or only write positive posts.