VMware vSphere Health Check

At the Dutch VMUG event 2011 I gave a presentation on how to check your VMware environment to make sure it is healthy. When creating the presentation I had a lot of doubts because I was afraid everyone would think these points were very obvious. But on the other hand, when visiting customers and doing these health checks for them, I found a lot of those “obvious” issues in their environment. I decided to stick to my plan and test the audience and it turned out they were very happy with my presentation and I saw a lot of people in the audience taking notes. The replies afterwards also showed that for many people there were a lot of eye-openers in this presentation. I therefore decided to convert the power point presentation into this blogpost and hope my readers find it a valuable health check.

In the top menu bar of this blog you’ll find the “Health Check” section. There you can find the various pages that together give you a complete health check.